Y.O.U. Needs Your Help with the Online Elevator Pitch Challenge 

Every year the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship holds a contest called the Online Elevator Pitch Challenge.  This year, Y.O.U. has 2 teens from our E CITY program competing and they need your help. Each student participating in the 2017 National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge has created a 60-second pitch promoting his or her business.  Y.O.U.’s Christian Padierna, founder of CP Chimichurri and Pablo Arrendando, creator of Whisker Wear are working the market hard and need your support.  Not only are their business plans sound...but their pitches are off the charts. Watch the Whisker Wear commercials here and the CP's Chimichurri commercial here.

Now that you’ve watched both Christian and Pablo, it is your turn to weigh in and vote from as many different places as possible.  Unlike most competitions, it’s not the most votes who wins, but the entrepreneur whose business pitch gets the most unique votes.  So place your selection from as many different devices as you can: computer, phone, IPad, you name it!  The winner will be awarded $2500 so your participation is crucial!

From now until October 10, visit www.nfte.com/events/elevator-pitch-2017 to vote.

Thank you for making your vote count!

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