Y.O.U. Awarded Grant from The Veale Foundation

Y.O.U. received a grant from The Veale Foundation for $130,000. The 2017 -2018 academic year award is for E CITY participation in The Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum. The Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum is a growing network of high schools in Northeast Ohio that equips students with an entrepreneurial mindset and essential skills through exceptional education and real world experiences in entrepreneurship. Forum events include ThinkFast, PitchFest, Veale Venture Challenge, Veale Startup Week, and new this year, the thinkBIG! Veale Innovation Challenge & Summit.

“Watching the growth in knowledge, confidence, and skills in our Forum students is remarkable and undoubtedly will pay dividends for Northeast Ohio in the years to come,” says Cynthia Bailie, Executive Director of the Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum at The Veale Foundation.

E CITY is an in-school, classroom based program where youth learn how to develop a business plan, financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills using the award-winning Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) curriculum.

Y.O.U. is the sole licensee for NFTE in the four-county region. E CITY also provides employability skills and connects youth with employment and college access.