Summer Jobs Participants Prepare for the Future

Summer is over according to the calendar, but not at Y.O.U. This year Y.O.U. focused on ensuring young adults 18-24 years-old who participated in the summer jobs program had an opportunity to receive additional training while exploring potential training for their career development.

Over 500 young adults went through a one-week training and 325 selected a training provider for career pathway training with our Day One program or one of our partner organizations like El Barrio, Ohio Guidestone, Towards Employment and Tri-C.

Upon entering a career pathway training program, young adults participate in a Job Readiness Training (JRT) program. The JRT is a two-week intensive preparatory course that reviews soft skills, resume writing, interview skills, and the importance of proper business attire.

For JRT participant Daniella Seguin, the experience was both valuable and fun. “It was great. The trainer, Joe (Criniti), was very well informed and confident. He was also very patient.  I had a really good time and learned a lot. I would recommend other people take a JRT course. It’s not easy, you have to work at it, but it helped me.”

Once the JRT course is complete, participants enter specialized training to earn an industry-recognized credential, an internship, and job in their selected career path.

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