Registration is Now Open for the 2017 Summer Youth Employment Program



For 35 years, Y.O.U. has helped employ over 150,000 teens and young adults and this summer is no different.  Registration for the Summer Youth Employment Program is now open. If you’re an employer, Summer Youth Employment Program can help you fill open, temporary positions.  Y.O.U. provides pre-screened candidates and ongoing support.  The program is open to ages 14-24.  Many teens get their first job through this program.  Young adults are prepared to undertake more sophisticated projects.

If you are, or know someone age 14-24, encourage them to apply.

If you’re an employer, help our youth this summer, and have a lasting impact on their lives. Click here for all the information and the registration form.

A Y.O.U. summer job may last just a few weeks, but it can have a profound impact on the teens and young adults chosen to participate.  Enrollees learn the skills needed to obtain a job and, equally important, retain employment.  Participants engage in a valuable opportunity and safe environment to work and learn firsthand about the different jobs that with more education, lead to rewarding careers.

Last summer, Y.O.U. helped secure 2,577 jobs, at 532 work sites, from a total of 191 employers.  Once summer ended, 110 teens and young adults were offered permanent positions with companies.

There are dozens of ways to get involved with the Y. O.U. Summer Youth Employment Program! Click here to learn how you can get involved.