From Participants to Ambassadors: Two Friends Reflect on Their Pasts and Futures with Y.O.U.

Y.O.U. may be new to some at Lorain High School, but not Principal Robin Hopkins and building substitute Sharlyna McQueen. These lifelong friends are former Y.O.U. participants and both are excited to show the Lorain High School community the positive impact Y.O.U. programs have on youth. “JOG is such a great opportunity for the students. The experience gained is invaluable," explains Ms. McQueen. "This program is a great stepping stone into the workforce for the student who may not be ready for college. It enhances their resumes and opens up a whole new world for them."

Principal Hopkins echoed Ms. McQueen’s sentiment at the Lorain High School Welcome Celebration, noting that the fundamentals learned through Y.O.U. programs, such as soft-skills, interview techniques, and financial responsibility, will help students better navigate the business world and become successful.

The Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates (JOG) program serves students at the highest risk of dropping out and focuses on career development, employability, life and leadership skills. This is the first year the program is being offered at Lorain High School.

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