JOG and E CITY Journeys Begin For Students 

With the program pledge sworn (see the video), the more than 200 members of the 2017-18 JOG and E CITY classes officially began their 9-month journeys of professional growth and development. At Welcome Celebrations across three counties and 13 schools, students embarked upon Y.O.U. programs geared at employment success.  The JOG program, which is particularly aimed at students with the highest risk of dropping out, focuses on career development, employability, life and leadership skills, while the E CITY program focuses on entrepreneurship skills, business management, and financial literacy.  Although the primary focus of each program is slightly different, both programs work to ensure participants are well prepared for post-secondary success; education, employment, or the military.

For three schools - CMSD's Washington Park High School, and Lorain and Oberlin high schools in Lorain County - this was the first year of Welcome Celebrations.

In Lorain, Career Coach Susan Palmentera-Wordell says she’s looking forward to bringing the JOG program to students at Oberlin High School. “Oberlin is an amazing city with rich social, academic, and artistic history. I expect to not only teach the Oberlin High School students about how to be better prepared for their academic and employment futures but also to become enriched by them as well.”

We’ll be bringing you JOG and E CITY updates throughout the year leading up to the two culminating spring program events: the JOG Youth Career Olympics and the E CITY Citywide Competition.  Be sure to check the Youth Opportunities Unlimited website often to make sure you have all the latest program information.

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