Employers: Registration Ends Soon for the 2017 Summer Youth Employment Program



There’s still time for your organization to be an employer with Y.O.U.’s Summer Youth Employment Program.  Registration closes on April 15th, don’t miss your chance to work with Y.O.U. pre-screened candidates. Summer and Year-round Youth Employment Program provides subsidized jobs and internships to teens and young adults throughout Cuyahoga County. Training provides financial capability and basic job success skills. Support assures a high quality work experience, and connection to a potential full-time job after the experience is complete.

Marva Edwards, Summer Youth Employment Program Employer and Job Coach at Fairfax Place, says she’s thrilled to be able to give teens and young adults the opportunity to become the leaders of tomorrow.  “They can learn from us. They need all the wisdom we have; they need all they can get from us seniors.”

A Y.O.U. summer job may last just a few weeks, but it can have a profound impact on the teens and young adults chosen to participate.  Enrollees learn the skills needed to obtain a job and, equally important, retain employment.  Participants engage in a valuable opportunity and safe environment to work and learn firsthand about the different jobs that with more education, lead to rewarding careers.

Ms. Edwards believes the opportunities for economic and professional success are significant benefits of the program but also emphasizes that program participants can gain an added sense of self-worth while working through the Summer Youth Employment Program.  “They begin to realize that they are somebody; no matter what they’re doing [in the program or out] the sky’s the limit.”

You can make the difference in the lives of Cleveland teens and young adults, but you have to send in your registration before April 15th.

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