Craig Dorn celebrates 30 years with Y.O.U.

Y.O.U.’s President Craig Dorn recently celebrated his 30th anniversary with the organization. Craig started as a career coach at James Ford Rhodes High School. After serving in various positions at Y.O.U. he was promoted to President in 2018. Chief Program Officer Pam Macer recently honored him during a staff meeting where she mentioned his unwavering passion for serving inner city youth, providing them with the opportunities they need and deserve. Pam discussed an employee exercise where the question of who would you elect as a super hero was posed. One employee selected Craig. Pam went on to recite another employee’s response, “Just when you think no one cares Craig comes in and follows up on what’s important to you at Y.O.U.,” she said. “He is the perfect example of started from the bottom now we’re here,” she added. Craig stood humbly to embrace Pam, while staff cheered him on. His commitment to Y.O.U. deserves recognition and we look forward to his ongoing dedication and contributions to our organization.  

Jayah Watters-Clark