New Pathway to a Great Career: Customer Care

“Customer Care is a lot of fun! We get to do all sorts of stuff, we don’t just sit in class all day. We talk to each other and practice different situations we could deal with in our jobs. Plus we get to go out into real stores and watch how real employees deal with real customers!”

~Carly, Customer Care participant

Y.O.U. is excited to offer a new program for young adults, 18-24 years old. We have partnered with Generation to offer a new career opportunity: Customer Care. Customer Care, a free program, trains future employees on how to provide excellent customer service in many different industries.

During this 6-week program, Y.O.U. covers many topics, including positive behavior mindsets, behavioral skills, and technical abilities. Every participant in the class is guaranteed a job interview with one of our employer partners. Youth learn real world skills through role plays, simulations, class discussion, and most excitingly, field experiences.

On one recent field experience, the class visited a local Chipotle. The participants spent the afternoon observing the interactions of the employees and customers, learning the mindsets, behavioral skills, and technical abilities needed to be successful...while enjoying a delicious lunch!

The goal of this new pathway is to prepare our participants for jobs that require strong personal skills as they relate to customers or clients. Customer service is in nearly every profession, and our participants are well aware of the necessity of stellar people skills. Y.O.U. is working hard to ensure our participants go into their fields prepared, proficient, and full of potential.

The next session begins October 22. To learn more about Customer Care or to enroll in the next session, visit the Generation website.

NewsYOU Administrator