Y.O.U. Summer Youth Employment Program

The Y.O.U. Summer Youth Employment Program provides meaningful employment experiences for Cuyahoga County teens and young adults.

To register, you will need to have:

  • Home Mailing Address information

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Social Security Number

  • Emergency Contact information

  • Medical information (any medical conditions or medications you are taking)

Do I need my parent/guardian with me to register?

  • No, but it may be helpful to have your parent/guardian or an adult with you to help you answer some of the registration questions.

When registration opens, how will I register?

  • All registrations will be ONLINE. To register, you will need a computer or other device that is connected to the internet.

  • When the registration period opens, there will be a link on this webpage for the Y.O.U. Summer Youth Employment Program registration.

Who can participate in the Y.O.U. Summer Youth Employment Program?

  • You must be age 14-24

  • You must be a resident of Cuyahoga County

  • You may be required to meet a program’s eligibility guidelines.

When is the program, and how long will it last?

  • Eligibility determination and orientation sessions will be held in April, May, and June.

  • Work sessions for the Y.O.U. Summer Youth Employment Program will start in June and will end in August.

If I registered last year, do I need to register again?

  • Yes – Y.O.U. will only select applicants for the program that register during the current registration period.

Can I register my sister or brother at the same time?

  • No, each person must register themselves.

  • Each person must have their own email account.

I don’t have a computer at home. How will I register online?

  • If you have a smartphone, or a phone with internet access, you may be able to register using the phone even if you do not have a computer.

  • You can visit the OhioMeansJobs Young Adult Resource Center (YRC), located at 1910 Carnegie Ave., between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. most days and use the computers in the resource room.

  • Public computers may be used to register. In addition to Public Libraries please click here for a list of community organizations that have computer resources open to the public.

What if I don’t know my social security number and don’t have a social security card?

  • You MUST have your social security number to register, and if you are selected to participate in the 2019 program, you MUST have a social security card.

  • Getting a social security card is free. Go to:

    • https://www.socialsecurity.gov/ssnumber/

    • The website has instructions and the application to request a new social security card. It takes at least 2 weeks to receive a new card once you submit the application. If you need a new card, request one today.

I don’t have an email address? How can I get one?

  • You can sign up for a free email address through an email provider, like Google. The email address is how Y.O.U. will communicate with you after registration so be sure to check your email inbox often.

My parent/guardian doesn’t want me to have an email account.

  • Email is the fastest and easiest way for you to register and to stay in connection with us. Y.O.U. only uses email addresses, phone numbers, and home address information to contact you about the employment and internship opportunities offered by Y.O.U.

I am 18 years old and still in school, can I get a job?

  • Yes, you must provide your current school year registration or the current report card.

I am homeless can I still register?

Yes, you can still register. Please ensure you provide an email so we can contact you if you are selected.

Once I complete the registration process, what happens next?

  • After you complete registration, Y.O.U. will send you an email saying that you successfully registered for the 2019 program. The email will be sent to the email address you provide during registration.

I don’t see the registration confirmation email – what should I do?

  • First, check your spam filter to see if the email from Y.O.U. is there. If you still can’t find the confirmation email, please send an email to SummerJobsProgram@youthopportunities.org or call the Summer Jobs Infoline at (216) 776-3900.

If I register and am selected to have my eligibility determined, what other documents will I need to participate in the program?

  • Your Birth Certificate (Original or Certified Copy)

  • Photo ID (only one of the following):

    • Current School ID

    • Current City-run Local Recreation Center ID

    • Current/Valid Passport

    • Current State of Ohio ID

    • Current Driver’s License

  • 18 year olds must have a valid State of Ohio ID, driver’s license, or passport

  • Your Social Security Card

  • In most cases, you will be asked to provide family income information

Why do you need family income information?

  • Many of the available jobs will be based on family income.

I don’t have a certified copy of my birth certificate. How can I get one?

The cost for a certified copy of a birth certificate is $25.


If I am 14 or 15, how do I get a work permit?

  • If you are 14 or 15 and you are offered a summer position in the 2019 Summer Jobs Program, Y.O.U. will give you instructions on how to obtain a Work Permit.

  • The Work Permit process requires getting a doctor’s physical at your family’s expense. You can arrange this physical now so that you can get one quickly if you are offered summer job later.

    • Please note: If you have had a physical (to play school sports) in the past year, you may use this physical for obtaining a work permit. Your high school’s athletic department should have a copy of the physical.

Will there be a background check?

  • Some work assignments may require a background check. Youth will learn whether they need a background check at the Job Orientation. The employer pays for the background check.

Will there be a drug test?

  • It is possible that some of our worksites require that you take a drug test.

How many jobs are there?

  • The number of jobs depends upon available funding, which will not be determined until April or May. No matter the number of jobs, you still must register. However, registering does not guarantee you a job – there will be many more registrants than jobs.

What kind of jobs are there?

  • Most jobs are working for non-profit organizations, cities, schools, and retail businesses in Cleveland and require entry-level skills. Examples are clerical, light cleaning, painting, gardening, computer input, filing, and answering telephones.

How much does it pay?

  • $8.55 per hour for ages 14–17.

  • $10.00 per hour for ages 18-24 if you are 18 on or before June 1st of the program year.

Do I get paid for holidays?

  • No. Youth will only be paid for the hours actually worked.

Do I need to have a bank account if I am selected to be in the program?

  • While it is not a requirement to have a bank account if you are selected to be in the program, it is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. A bank account is the safest way to ensure that your money is safe and the smartest way to save your money. If you choose not to have a bank account, you will receive a pay card instead.

Will Y.O.U. set up a bank account for me if I am selected to be in the program?

  • We encourage those who register for jobs to get a savings account at a bank of their choice and provide Y.O.U with the account information for Direct Deposit of the payroll.

What if I had a Savings account last year?

  • If you had an account last year, you will need to verify at the bank that the account is still active. To do so:

    • Go to your bank and provide the account number or your social security number to the bank teller who will inform you if the account is still active or not.

    • If your account is still active then ask for a printout of the routing number and account number with your name and bring to your eligibility or orientation session.

Do I need my parent to set up the Bank account?

  • Yes, you will need a parent/guardian to sign up for an account if you are under 18.

  • These are the required items you need to bring to set up an account

    • Social Security Card (Both youth and parent/guardian)

    • Current Photo ID (Address must be current or see Proof of address)

    • Birth Certificate

    • Proof of address (utility bill, lease)

    • 2nd form of ID can be Credit Card, Passport or Military ID

If I am selected for a job, can I have Direct Deposit?

  • Yes, you will need to select a bank of your choice and go and set up an account in your name. (You will need a parent if you are under 18 years old)

  • Once your account is set-up you can bring your banking information to the eligibility session or to the orientation.

    • Routing number and account number along with the name on the account

My Parent has a bank account can I have my paycheck deposited into their account?

  • No, Y.O.U will only deposit the earnings from your paycheck into an account with your name on it, not one in your parent’s name.

  • Your account must have your name on it and you must provide your account information in order to receive Direct Deposit.

Can I use the Bank account even if I don’t get a job with Y.O.U.?

  • Of course! This is your account and we recommend you make regular deposits so it can stay active.

  • Learn your bank’s policy for keeping your account open and active.

How will I know whether or not I have a job?

  • You will know by mid-May if you have been selected to move to the second step of the process.

  • If you are selected, you will need to do a few things before Y.O.U. can match you with a job. If any of these things are not completed, Y.O.U. will not match you with a job.

    • Your registration must be verified.

    • Your documentation must be approved by Y.O.U. at a validation session.

    • You and your family may need to meet the income eligibility requirements.

    • You must attend and successfully complete an orientation session.

Am I guaranteed a job placement once I register?

  • No, placement is not guaranteed. Unfortunately, there are not enough jobs for every person that registers, so many who register will not get a summer job.

Is there a waiting list for jobs?

  • Yes. You will go on a waiting list if there are more eligible youth than the number of available jobs or funding available for wages. As more jobs and/or funding become available, eligible waiting list youth will be randomly selected based on either the requirements of additional funding or on proximity to new worksites.

Do I still have to complete orientation if I am on the waiting list?

  • Yes. The availability of additional jobs and/or funding often happens quickly. To ensure that you are ready for work, you must complete your scheduled orientation.

When do I have a job?

  • Each youth must successfully complete each of the following steps to be included in the 2019 Summer Youth Employment Program:

    1. Register online at www.youthopportunities.org;

    2. Meet the age requirements and live in Cuyahoga County;

    3. Be invited to see if you and your family are eligible for available funding;

    4. Have your parent/guardian attend your scheduled eligibility appointment. Youth need not attend the eligibility appointment;

      • Present and have approved all supporting documentation required by our fundersduring the application process;

      • Be found eligible for an available funding source;

    5. Attend your scheduled orientation session;

      • Present all supporting documentation for employment and tax paperwork;

      • Be assigned a job site;

    6. Show up for work on your first scheduled work day.

  • It is only upon the completion of all six steps that you are fully accepted in the programand considered to be hired.

How can I get more information?

  • Visit www.youthopportunities.org for updates.

  • Email SummerJobsProgram@youthopportunities.org with questions.

  • During Registration, call the Summer Jobs Infoline at (216) 776-3900.

    • The Infoline will be open to help with any registration questions or problems.

    • The Infoline will open Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If the line is busy or you call at another time, you can leave a message and someone will call you back within 48 hours.