Your next best employee is with Y.O.U.

  • 21,000 = Youth in Cuyahoga County unemployed and out of school

  • $44,158 = Society costs in lost wages and social services per youth per year

  • Y.O.U. = Reduces the skills gap, increases youth employment, and reconnects opportunity youth.

    Join us to unleash the potential of our youth.


Day One Employment Program

The Day One program is designed for young adults 17-24 who have graduated high school or earned a GED to gain skills through intensive job readiness training, mock interviews, resume writing, and financial literacy training.

Summer Youth Employment Program

Provide summer work experiences for teens throughout Cuyahoga County.


Job’s for Ohio’s Graduates

Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates (JOG) is an in-school, evidence-based for-credit daily program with focus on career development, high school graduation, post-high school success, learning employability, and leadership skills.



The Y.O.U. Internship Program is offered to high school students throughout Cuyahoga County with a focus on connecting students, 10th-12th grades, with 120-hour internships.