The Cuyahoga County Young Adult Internship Program has been designed for young adults 18-24 who are interested in receiving training and internships in some of Northeast Ohio’s fastest growing industries like construction, health care, information technology and manufacturing. Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply here.
  2. You’ll be scheduled for an eligibility appointment with Y.O.U. to determine if you meet income eligibility guidelines for available funding.
  3. A Career Navigator will meet with you at your eligibility appointment to help you decide which career path and program is for you.
  4. Y.O.U. will refer you to our Day OneEl Barrio, Ohio Guidestone, Towards Employment or Tri-C’s Advanced Technology Academy.
  5. You’ll train for your chosen career path, earn an industry-recognized certification and have an internship within your field. All while receiving a training stipend!
  6. Your chosen provider will then work with you to find a job in your new field.